Companies and consumers are generating huge amounts of data and IOT will make data volumes explode. Yet we see that the value of this data is being under-used.

Cubis is a top-notch team of data experts with the sole focus to use SAP technology to help companies turning their data into insights that can drive their business.

Our customers contact us to structure data, optimize performance, predict patterns and simply get better.


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“It wasn’t until Cubis structured our data that we knew what a huge business potential we had”

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    Geolocation setup

    How to Geo Enrich your data in SAC via HANA Live and BW Live

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    Web Intelligence optimizations

    Central Management Console


    Retry failed schedules

    There is an option within the CMC that allows for a retry of the schedule in case of failure. There can be a number of reasons why a report cannot schedule properly. In some cases, this might have something to do with the system having resource or database issues. Once those are solved the report should run fine again. These problems sometimes only last a couple of minutes. That’s why a retry with a waiting time in between would be a very convenient solution. Once it failed, the system will wait the specified amount of time and try again.

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    OCR With Python

    In many cases the data that you want to report on is already in a digital format.

    But what if that is not the case?


    Imagine your PDF containing an image with texts instead of the actual written words.

    Now, think about manually inputting all of this data. Sounds like a monotone, boring task, doesn’t it?

    As no one likes manual work. There are several ways to work around this.


    We will be discussing one of them in this blog. And it is a pretty simple solution as well!

    It’s called Optical Character Recognition. OCR for short.

    It is a technology that converts images, PDF, .. into digital texts who can be searched, edited or in our case saved.

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It's all about data

  • SAP analytics

    Cubis is a leading SAP Analytics services company helping clients achieving success with their Business Intelligence and analytics initiatives.

    Cubis was founded in 2010 and has since delivered world class BI solutions from large scale to small companies.

    Our focus lies mainly on SAP HANA, SAP BW, SAP BOBJ, SAP IP, SAP BPC, SAP Predictive Analysis, SAP Analytics Cloud and IoT solutions.

  • Consultancy

    As we are a consultancy company with a clear focus on SAP Analytics, we can assist you with any analytics challenge.

    • Blueprinting
    • Implementation
    • Support
    • Post Go-Live actions
    • Performance Tunings
    • Redesigns
    • Project Management
    • Architecture advice & design
  • Training

    Technology is changing rapidly. It’s crucial that your company stays on track about the latest innovations in SAP Analytics.

    Cubis is the right company to get in touch with in case you need training on SAP Analytics for your employees. Not only do we offer seminars and bootcamps on a regular basis, we can also provide you with tailor made trainings that get you up to speed again with the latest innovations in the SAP Analytics portfolio.

    We can host the trainings on your environment or on the Cubis environment in case you want to test out the new tools in a first phase.

  • Support and interventions

    At Cubis we can deliver support activities for your SAP BW and SAP BO environments.

    Our dedicated support team can be reached via a Service Desk and will handle your incidents and support requests in a professional and timely manner, based on the SLA’s that were agreed upon.

    In our experience, support packages are different from customer to customer. If you have SAP Analytics support needs, get in touch with us for a personalized approach.

  • Projects

    Since 2010, we have delivered many successful SAP projects based on an agile methodology approach.  In today’s analytics world, requirements change and evolve rapidly all the time.

    You are in safe hands with our project implementation teams, selected carefully from our Analytics specialists, who have the highest level of training and experience. Needless to say that we can guide you with your project from A to Z.

  • Projectsourcing

    We are exposed increasingly to analytics in our daily life. Many companies are nowadays looking for true Analytics specialists that can help them on a temporary basis with technical and functional knowledge about the SAP Analytics portfolio.

    At Cubis we can surely assist you with nearly any requirement to strengthen your internal Analytics team on a day to day basis. From juniors, mediors, seniors to architects and partners, we have the right profiles available. All of them have relevant experiences and are constantly coached and further educated in order to meet the challenging demands of our clients.

Re-engineering your data architecture

We help organizations to develop and refine their BI strategies and the architecture of their BI landscape. As the importance of Analytics is increasing, data volumes become larger, meaning that sometimes organizations should evaluate the future readiness of their BI environment.

Based on our experience, we are able to deliver fresh insights and new ideas that will result in innovation. Our in-depth SAP Analytics knowledge combined with a solid functional knowledge and experience in data warehousing strategies ensures that we can help you to design a future proof datawarehousing platform, covering the integration of SAP, non-SAP and cloud-based technologies.

Cubis Labs

Cubis Labs is a co-creation initiative that is initiated between our customers and Cubis. Sometimes organizations lack resources, knowledge or budget to explore new analytical opportunities. In these case, in close communication with the customer, we select innovative business cases that could be further explored based on SAP technology depending on certain criteria:

  • The project should be data driven
  • SAP technology should be involved
  • It should consist of a real business case.

If you have an innovative business case in your company, get in touch with us for an assessment to determine whether we can help you with Cubis Labs.