2020 SAP COIL Hackathon winner: Cubis!

2020 SAP COIL Hackathon winner: Cubis!

Last week a team from Cubis participated in the , organized by the – ( ). The event took place over the course of one week and the goal was to extend the current SAC functionalities. With our application, we took the win over Delaware and Bmatix.

Event overview

On Monday, the event started with a workshop in which some basic functionalities of SAC Analytic Applications were showcased and afterwards the rules of the hackathon were explained:

  • We had to develop a functioning demo of an application (not a presentation of a concept).
  • We had to showcase our demo on Friday morning, which meant we only had three days’ worth of development time.

Due to the recent circumstances, it was one of COIL’s first hackathons that took place remotely. This made things a little more challenging but it had no impact at all on the enthusiasm of our team.

Cubis’ winning application

Our application is composed out of two parts.

The first part is an application that allows the user to book a last minute flight and it automatically shows the weather forecast for that location, as well as the average flight, hotel and meal prices. We also implemented the current travel restrictions that are in place due to covid-19.


The second part was a Sankey diagram, which depicts a flow from one set of values to another based on a certain weight. It is even possible to have multiple levels of connections between the sets of values. In our case, it depicts the flows between the airports while the thickness of the lines represents the average cost of the destination.


The Sankey chart is a powerful visualization for many possible use cases but it is currently not available as a standard feature in SAC.

While the other participants also had very interesting demo’s, our application piqued the interest of the members of the COIL team the most and we were declared !

Blog by Simon Schelstraete