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More than a catchphrase

At Cubis, we take pride in prioritising knowledge sharing. Not just internally between colleagues, but also to anyone interested in finding out more about data and analytics. We enjoy discussing the entire spectrum of data and analytics: technical use cases, best practices in project management, the latest SAP updates, and more. We cover all these subjects on this page. Join us at one of our future events where we will gladly discuss these topics and read some of our blogs written by our experts. Happy learning!

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Upcoming events

Webinar – Microsoft Fabric vs SAP Datasphere: what you need to know

February 22, 2024 14:00

This presentation provides a comparison between SAP Datasphere and Microsoft Fabric, two modern data platforms. The presentation begins with an introduction to modern data...

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SAP Innovation Day

March 14, 2024 09:00

Cubis invites you to the SAP Innovation Day! During this day, immerse yourself in insightful keynotes, inspiring customer success stories, and in-depth solution sessions, thought-provoking panel discussions, an interactive...

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Knowledge sharing

Rediscovering the convenience of ‘search’with Query Builder

Introduction SAP (and BW) landscapes are often large and extensive. If you found this webpage, that won't come as a shock to you :-)....

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Replace Multi Source Universe (MSU) with Webi Data Mode

Multi Source Universe Introduction A universe is a semantic layer between Webi documents and the underlying data source.Very much comparable with an SQL generator,...

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How the ‘Agile Project Management’ methodology has been applied to IBA, by our colleague Gianluca Liberato

The agile Project Management (Agile PM) methodology is becoming increasingly used in the project management world. In this blog, we will discover how Gianluca Liberato,...

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