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At Cubis, we take pride in prioritising knowledge sharing. Not just internally between colleagues, but also to anyone interested in finding out more about data and analytics. We enjoy discussing the entire spectrum of data and analytics: technical use cases, best practices in project management, the latest SAP updates, and more. We cover all these subjects on this page. Join us at one of our future events where we will gladly discuss these topics and read some of our blogs written by our experts. Happy learning!

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Round table: modern data platforms

November 9, 2023 09:30

Want to know more about modern data platforms or do you want to connect with like-minded people on how to improve your modern data...

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Knowledge sharing

Authorization and Roles in SAP BW

In BW, users can access an InfoCube or a specific query, but it does not mean that they can also access all the data...

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ESG – Reporting Standards Overview

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. It is a set of criteria used to evaluate the sustainability and societal impact of a company....

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Group Reporting: What is it and is SAP offering a solution?

Group reporting: You say what? Any company with one or more subsidiaries, has a need to combine all financial results. This combining of results...

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