Cubis participates at the Chainport Hackaton

From 11/10 to 13/10 Cubis will participate in the Chainport Hackaton at Antwerp Expo organised by Port of Antwerp. The Hackaton will focus on 6 challenges, each having a place in the port of Antwerp.

Cubis will be represented by 11 of our collegues who will compete in 2 of the 6 challenges.

The first one will be Mobility. In this challenge we will try to find a solution to reduce the number of solo car drivers. Can we improve and motivate people to make a shift by using data? That’s a question Cubis will try to solve at the Hackaton.

The second one will be Sustainability. In this challenge we will try to find an answer on following questing by analyzing the data. Can you expose other synergies between two or more sectors in the energy system in a port-specific environment? What about process heat and the interaction between steam generation, electricity production, electric heating, and renewable energy? Can you develop a similar operating algorithm for these assets to utilize them in a more sustainable way?