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Cubis participates at the “Mobility of the Future” Hackaton

16 februari 2018

From 22/02 to 24/02 Cubis will participate in the “Mobility of the Future” Hackaton at Brussels Kart Expo in Brussels. We will be presenting our vision on multi-model transportation in Belgium in collaboration with STIB-MIVB.

Data driven decision making is inspiring us to look at the world from a fresh perspective where every object you pass is a potential data source. In public transportation, presenting the traveler with the right information at the right time requires massive amounts of data and a thorough knowledge of your clients. This is a challenging mission where STIB-MIVB and Cubis are going the extra mile to get the edge through innovation and knowledge sharing. Come share your vision with us!

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    Meet us at the Sapience Techday and get amazed !

    Meet us at the Sapience Techday and get amazed SAP HANA, the possibilities are gigantic, but there are still many myths about migrating to S/4HANA. TECHday will be your reality check. In addition, there will also be considerable attention for the Cloud, Business Intelligence and Fiori.

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    Cubis participates at the Chainport Hackaton

    From 11/10 to 13/10 Cubis will participate in the Chainport Hackaton at Antwerp Expo organised by Port of Antwerp. The Hackaton will focus on 6 challenges, each having a place in the port of Antwerp.

    Cubis will be represented by 11 of our collegues who will compete in 2 of the 6 challenges.

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    BODS Data Extraction

    Loading data into a DWH can sometimes be a hassle. Defining your delta too. So let’s keep things simple. There are numerous ways to define a delta and load data into a DWH. But let’s highlight some simple strategies to do so. Eventually we will be able to combine a delta and a full extraction into one single flow by using variables and creating a conditional where clause.

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