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Cubis participates at the “Mobility of the Future” Hackaton

16 februari 2018

From 22/02 to 24/02 Cubis will participate in the “Mobility of the Future” Hackaton at Brussels Kart Expo in Brussels. We will be presenting our vision on multi-model transportation in Belgium in collaboration with STIB-MIVB.

Data driven decision making is inspiring us to look at the world from a fresh perspective where every object you pass is a potential data source. In public transportation, presenting the traveler with the right information at the right time requires massive amounts of data and a thorough knowledge of your clients. This is a challenging mission where STIB-MIVB and Cubis are going the extra mile to get the edge through innovation and knowledge sharing. Come share your vision with us!

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    SAP HANA views organised in layers

    Getting structure in the new HANA environment is not as easy as it first seemed. It all started easy, just one model to combine some ADSO generated views and use it in Analysis for Office. But after these scenario’s some new requirements popped-up: the simple views needed an update and became more and more complex. Some logic from the ADSO was removed and put into HANA views, meaning that the previously used generated views had to be remapped. That got us thinking… We needed a more efficient way to avoid this in the future.

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    Do you want to boost your career ? Join the winning Cubis team !

    In the weeks to come, we will welcome 6 new colleagues on board at Cubis ! However, we are constantly looking for new colleagues with or without experience.


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    Cubis and the University of Maastricht will participate at the SENSORS & {DATA} | HACKATHON in Heidelberg, Germany!

    Cubis is teaming up with University Maastricht and is joining the SENSORS & {DATA} | HACKATHON in Heidelberg, Germany!


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