Cubis releases the “text chart”​ extension for SAP Design Studio

Cubis releases the “text chart”​ extension for SAP Design Studio

We are proud to announce that Cubis has released its first extension for SAP Design Studio, the “text chart”. The extension is available as a free download via the SAP Analytics Extensions Directory website. Instructions on how to install the text-chart extension in your SAP Business Objects Design Studio are provided in the video below. This video also shows an example of the two basic components that are available after you have successfully installed the extension.

The text-chart extension fills the data-labels according to the data-values that are linked to it. This approach allows for a highly visual comparison of brands, products, departments and so on.

Flexible & customizable

The text-chart comes in 2 flavors, for single or multiple data-points.

The ‘single’ component has several advanced features to determine the look-and-feel. One feature, in high demand at our customers, allows to overwrite the label with a (department) specific text. The percentage value needs to be assigned via the component properties, implying that the percentage values can be handled through script automation.

The ‘multi’ component has the same set of advanced features available to determine the look-and-feel but has additional properties available to handle the percentage calculation.
Concretely, the multi component needs to be linked to a data source row or column. By doing this, it automatically detects the labels to be displayed and the percentage values linked to these labels. The percentage value is thus based on the datasource’s available data.

Extensions on demand

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