Data Storytelling

Have you ever sat through a presentation full of numbers, charts, and graphs and felt lost, bored, or overwhelmed? And then noticed that you’re still on slide 1 and there’s hundreds of slides waiting for you. This is where data storytelling makes the difference, combining data visualisation skills with the right data as you follow an engaging and explanatory narrative. It requires your storytellers to have specific soft and hard skills, including increased data literacy so that the figures they present display an understandable truth that interests your audience.

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What is data storytelling?

Data storytelling is the art of combining the right data visualization skills, with the right data while bringing an engaging and at the same time explaining narrative. This requires specific soft and hard skills.

Why do you need data storytelling?

Your audience could be looking at the most important numbers in the world, but nothing will change if they don’t understand them. It’s vital that you convey your message in a suitable way to create change.

This is where data storytelling can help you tremendously by helping your audience to easily grasp the issue at hand, understand the data and its impact, and even follow the pros and cons of the different options you present.

Data storytelling helps your company to have:

  • A common understanding of definitions and numbers (also see self-service analytics)
  • Corporate-wide data visualisation guidelines
  • The appropriate training and coaches (internal and/or external) to improve your data literacy

How can you implement data storytelling?

This depends on what your company wants to achieve. Do you want everyone to speak the same data language? Or do you want reports to be easier to follow and more uniform across the company? We recommend a step-by-step approach to take companies from the basics towards being data champions.

We enhance data literacy across the company with data visualisation trainings, creating a visual corporate identity for reporting, and coaching sessions for using reporting tools.

How can Cubis help you with data storytelling?

Introducing or improving data literacy across your organisation starts with us understanding your current situation and your future goals. By making these goals tangible, we can easily measure results to show how far your company has progressed.

The journey towards the data literacy your company wants to achieve typically consists of data visualisation trainings, mapping your company to the needed data roles, training personnel for these roles, and defining corporate standards for reporting.