Don’t kick Business Objects of its throne just yet!

Don’t kick Business Objects of its throne just yet!

IT changes constantly. Which makes it hard to follow and adapt to the new trends and innovations.
For Business Intelligence and hence reporting, this is not so different. In the latest years, we have witnessed the upcoming for self-service BI and this changed the world of reporting.

This gave us tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud in order to visualize our data to create insights. But first, let me take a step back in order to give a brief explanation of what this change implies.

Self-service BI is a paradigm in regards to analytics. This puts the focus on data analytics which can be performed by individual end users instead of highly educated analytical experts. This implies that in some regards, more old fashion tools are most likely to be judged as ‘non workable’ or ‘having no future’. Have the tension to be put aside.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an ‘all-knowing / all covering’ tool. Different departments have different reporting needs. For example, some departments would like to have a high overview of consolidated data in order to grasp insight in seconds when looking at a fancy, graphical dashboard. For these kinds of use cases, tools such as SAP Analytics Cloud are perfectly fit.

For other departments, a more detailed view is needed. Perhaps a printout or creating workbooks within Microsoft Excel. This is where SAP Business Objects comes into play.

SAP Business Objects always included several tools to improve the reporting landscape. Such as Web Intelligence. Which focuses on pixel-perfect reports which can be refreshed and send out in an automated fashion thanks to the functionalities of Business Objects.
Next to Web Intelligence, Analysis for Office is one of the reporting tools that Business Objects holds in its arsenal. Which is an add-in to add more functionalities to the Microsoft Office suite. These workbooks can again be refreshed and send out on a regular basis.

But of course, this is nothing new.

What is new, is that SAP Business Objects got wind of the change in the reporting world and therefore merged the self-service BI paradigm into itself. With the introduction of version 4.3, we saw a new user interface, in order to make the action of ‘creating reports’ more intuitive.

To stimulate your reporting landscape. SAP provided a more tight integration in between SAP Analytics Cloud and Web intelligence and there is much more on the roadmap of SAP in order to improve the Business Objects suite.


The new version of SAP Business Objects contains more than there is space within an article to go through all of it. In case you’d like to have a more detailed view of what 4.3 has to offer, please feel free to use our Calendly link to schedule a meeting for more details ( https://calendly.com ).

Are you not in the mood for a face-to-face meeting? Please let us know, we also have a recorded webinar of our introduction to BO 4.3 which we are happy to share with you.

So there are no reasons to miss out on BO 4.3!