Planning  & budgeting

At Cubis we offer expert consultancy services in planning and budgeting with a focus on SAP software.

We possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in setting up budget applications from both functional and technical perspectives.

Our team of experts is able to guide clients through the entire planning and budgeting process, ensuring a smooth implementation.

With a deep understanding of SAP tools and technologies, we are very skilled in the technical aspects of budget application configuration.

The combination of functional and technical knowledge ensures a complete and accurate implementation for our clients.

We offer complete solutions for various budget cycles, including Sales Planning and Forecasting, OPEX, CAPEX, and HR planning.

As an SAP partner, we focus on delivering cutting-edge planning solutions utilizing SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) as the planning tool of choice. SAC seamlessly integrates within the existing SAP ecosystem, allowing to fit in the budget data in the different SAP applications.


Key steps in implementing a planning application

  • Requirements gathering :  Through various workshops, we identify the required planning processes and capture detailed planning requirements. The result of this phase is a comprehensive blueprint that defines the implementation scope.
  • Identify source data : In the planning process, planners often start from a baseline, such as actuals or the previous year’s budget. Therefore, our initial task is to identify the sources and the appropriate source systems from which this data originates. Depending on the complexity of data manipulation required, it may be necessary to integrate this data into SAP BW before sending it to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC).
  • Applying planning logic: After establishing the baseline data, businesses often require specific logic to ensure that the budget process delivers the desired results. Our team of experienced planning consultants is highly knowledgeable in creating such logic, adhering to SAP best practices. By employing clear and comprehensive methodologies, we ensure that your team can easily understand and manage the logic after the go-live phase.
  • Reporting : As an analytics company, we recognize the significance of accurate and transparent reporting. For this reason, we develop the requested reports in close collaboration with our clients. Moreover we provide training as of from the start of the project, enabling the customer to independently develop their reports and leverage the full potential of SAP Analytics Cloud self-service capabilities
  • Testing : Throughout the various phases of the project, we execute multiple testing cycles to validate system functionality and performance. This  testing approach includes unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing
  • Hypercare : After the go-live  we offer post-implementation support in the form of bug fixing and addressing minor change requests. This support plays a crucial role in facilitating a correct budget process and ensures a smooth transition into the new system


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