At Cubis, we noticed during many analytics projects that organizations utilizing SAP ERP’s finance module were not fully harnessing its true potential for analytics purposes. We recognized a significant opportunity to empower businesses by transforming their finance data into actionable insights. This discovery became the corner-stone of our mission: Provide unique data insights through the power of integrated analytics driven ERP implementations  Cubis believes in a forward thinking approach with regards to SAP FI-CO module enabling data-driven decision capabilities from day one. Analytics should always be an important part of an ERP implementation from start to finish.

We believe that an ERP system is not just a transactional tool but offers lots of analytical possibilities if it is set-up correctly. As a data centric company passionate about delivering data-driven solutions we will therefore focus on delivering financial insights during the SAP ERP implementation supporting businesses to take the right decisions and identify future growth opportunities.

Services we offer

SAP implementation

Our team of seasoned professionals has a deep understanding of SAP  FI-CO module and will guide your company through the complete implementation process. The  process encompasses requirement gathering, customization and data migration to tailor the system towards your specific requirements.

SAP embedded analytics

SAP embedded analytics is powerful reporting service offering advanced reporting directly in the SAP system. With SAP Embedded Analytics, your business can access real-time data and generate interactive reports directly within the SAP environment.

Review customization

At Cubis we specialize in conducting detailed reviews of SAP FI-CO customizing and set-up. Our aim is to identify areas of improvement and provide specialized recommendations to maximize the analytical potential of the finance module.

Profound training

Our training program is designed around the “train the trainer” principle, focusing on the key user population to ensure a high-quality training experience. Through this approach, we enabler key users with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct future training sessions independently.

Planning & budgeting

At Cubis we offer expert consultancy services in planning and budgeting with a focus on SAP software. We possess in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in setting up budget applications from both functional and technical perspectives.

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