Giving back to the community: Cubis and Ganspoel

Giving back to the community: Cubis and Ganspoel

At Cubis, we also believe in bringing added-value to the community, and we consider that one of the best ways to do this is with the expertise and motivation of our own people. In 2015 Cubis allocated two employees to work together with Centrum, an organisation supporting children and adults with a visual disability.

With the combined expertise of both the Cubis professionals and people of Centrum Ganspoel, this project-team came up with a quick solution that could really help the employees of Centrum Ganspoel in their daily activity. For both parties this has really been a learning experience.

For this project with Ganspoel we decided to work together with Engage4. This corporation specializes in setting up projects between companies and non-profit organizations. Engage4 provided a number of short-tailored project that we could choose from. They all had a focus on concrete action and immediate result. Together we chose to set up a new system of inventory management for Ganspoel that is easy to use and maintain. To learn more about our solution, watch the video below.

Eventueel extra quote:

“We also learned other skills. It was nice to get out of my comfort zone.”