How to create an AMDP Routine in BW Transformations

What is AMDP ?

ABAP-Managed Database Procedures is one of the recommended patterns for use in ABAP code optimization within the context of ABAP development on SAP HANA.

Since ABAP-Managed Database Procedures are implemented as methods of a global ABAP class, the editing environment for AMDP is the ABAP class editor. In concrete terms, an ABAP-Managed Database Procedure is written in a database-specific language, such as Native SQL or SQL Script, and is implemented within an AMDP method body of an AMDP class. So developing a database procedure is similar to the editing of ABAP class methods with the same tool environment

Let’s start with some simple examples in how to setup an AMDP routine in a BW transformation.

Example 1 : One to One mapping from Source to Target in the End Routine

  • Create a transformation between the datasource and aDSO
  • Map all the fields one to one
  • Create and End Routine with AMDP script

In order to just map all the fields one to one without any restriction , you can easily write the following statement .

inTab = Contains all the fields available in the Source (Datasource)

OutTab = Contains all the fields available in the Target (aDSO)


Check the result


Example 2 : One to One mapping from Source to Target with some restrictions

Let re-use the above scenario but implement some restrictions while loading the data.

  • Only select Product = A

Translate those conditions in the below statement and it should result in only 1 specific record


Check the result:


These are some simple examples to illustrate the use of AMDP routines. These can also be implemented as a Start routine or in Field Routines.