I think I’ve found the Cubis needle

Before graduating this year, I had to follow an internship. For some students, it really doesn’t matter where they do their internship and what they must do, but I’m not one of them. 450 hours, it would be such a waste of time if I didn’t find something I’m really interested in. I’ve spent many hours trying to find the perfect Internship, but it didn’t work out. I just couldn’t find the assignment I wanted. The deadline had passed for submitting my chosen internship. I was disappointed… After scrolling down on job offers on LinkedIn, I’d found something interesting. But I have never heard of this company called ‘Cubis’, who are they?? After calling and meeting Wim, my decision was made. I might have found the wanted needle in a big analytical haystack.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jorik and I don’t want to describe myself as your typical IT-guy. Going to the pub or doing some activities (watching movies, travelling, doing sports…) with friends is something I really enjoy. Having a laugh is very important, even in a working environment.  It doesn’t always have to be that serious. I love how data can give you so much knowledge and insights if you use and treat it right. I’m convinced that companies can go bankrupt if they make decisions that aren’t based on their data. That’s why I start in the BI & Big Data sector, because feeling responsible is something that I like. 😉

Find Jorik

Working @Cubis is really enjoyable. The amount of freedom you get and feel is indescribable. You can feel the positive energy hanging in the air and colleagues are always willing to help to find the ideal solution. I also have something to say about the accommodation. The building itself is very beautiful and has a lot of facilities. If you want, you can work out and use the fitness over here. If you and your colleague/customer need some privacy, you can use one of the many meeting rooms. Many possibilities here in this building.

Data Model

For DHL Pharma-Logistics, I will make a Datawarehouse where customers and employees can draw reports from (if they are allowed to do that). All the data from different sources (Excel-sheets, mainframe, …) will be sent to a HANA database. The structure of this Datawarehouse will be modelled in Data vault 2.0 because it provides a lot of flexibility. The reporting tools that will be used are Microsoft Power BI & SAP Analytics Cloud. Here they can have a look if their KPI’s have been achieved in a beautiful, dynamic way. The trust that I get from Cubis is phenomenal. Also, the guidance I receive from Jochen Stroobants (my mentor), is incredible. His explanation is simple and clear. The way it should be. I want to thank him for all his efforts.

Data Vault 2.0

So, this is how I experienced my start @Cubis. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have some questions.