Welcome Yannick Wils

Welcome Yannick Wils We are happy to announce our newest team member at Cubis: Yannick Wils! Yannick will join the sales team and become a direct colleague of Maarten. We are …

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Welcome Dante Verdoliva!

Welcome Dante Verdoliva We are happy to welcome Dante Verdoliva! Best of luck to you 🍀 Learn more about him trough the question below! 👇🏻 Why did Dante choose Cubis? …

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Welcome Bianca Le Cluyse

Welcome Bianca Le Cluyse Happy to announce Bianca Le Cluyse, our new HR Manager! Best of luck! 🍀 We asked Bianca some ‘get to know’ questions. Read them below. 👇🏻 Why …

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Welcome Pedro Araújo

Welcome Pedro Araújo New team member for Cubis Luxembourg! Welcome Pedro, best of luck! Why did Pedro choose for Cubis? Great opportunity to take part in a fast-growing company, and …

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Welcome Joachim Vanvossel

Welcome Joachim Vanvossel A new team member has arrived! We would like to welcome Joachim Vanvossel to Cubis. Good luck! 🍀 We already asked Joachim to some interesting questions! Read …

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Working From Home: Tips & Tricks (Part II)

Working From Home: Tips & Tricks (Part II) Due to the prevalent pandemic and subsequent measures, many employees are forced to work from home for an extended period. This situation …

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Working From Home: Tips & Tricks (Part I)

Working From Home: Tips & Tricks (Part I) When COVID-19 came knocking onto our doors, most companies had to switch to work-from-home mode. While some of us might have already …

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Welcome Jarne Demunter

Welcome Jarne Demunter Why did Jarne choose for Cubis? During his first job search, the people at Cubis gave him a very good feeling. They convinced him to give his …

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Welcome Kenneth Dekkers

Welcome Kenneth Dekkers Why did Kenneth choose for Cubis? He met the company for the first time at an evening talk at school. Mattia Andronico, an employee of Cubis and …

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