Lumira 2.1 Discovery, a first glimpse

26 december 2017

On Friday Dec 15th, SAP made Lumira 2.1 Discovery available for the general public. During the last few months, there were some exciting new features announced. In the article below, we take a quick look at a feature we were waiting for to return to the stage, namely “Linked Analysis”, and a new feature called “Ad-Hoc Data Comparison”.

Linked analysis

Up until Lumira 1.31, it was possible to link the analysis between different graphs, so that when you filter on a dimension in the first graph, the data was also filtered in the other graphs. With Lumira 2.0 however, this was no longer possible.

In the release of Lumira 2.1 Discovery, this is again possible.

When using this filter, it acts as Parent-Child filter on the other components if you filter on the first graph:

Unfortunately, this does not work for geomaps.


Hopefully SAP can also add this for the geomaps in the future.

Ad-Hoc Data Comparison

There is also a new way of comparing data in a graph by simply selecting columns in a column chart:


To activate this at runtime, right-click the chart and select the “Enable Ad-hoc Data Comparison” option:

However, this option is so far only found in Column Chart graphs.


There are a few nice new features and perhaps some others we still need to discover. We will find out more in the coming weeks as we continue to discover the new release.

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