SAP Analytics Cloud: Open your story with a variable constraint via a URL

In SAP Analytics Cloud, you can create a story URL with additional parameters, like a variable constraint.

This story URL can be useful for companies who need to embed stories in external applications.

And adding a variable parameter (like a prompt) in the URL allows to custom the link for each user or group of users (e.g. User1 needs to analyze the story only for customer A and User2 needs to see only customer B).

How can you create your story URL in SAP Analytics Cloud?

The URL syntax to open a story with a variable (prompt) is the following:


Example of result: ZCUSTOMER&v01Val=1008677

Here, the steps to follow to get each components needed to build the URL of your story:

When you open your SAC System, you can find the tenant as the first part of your URL (Figure 1).



Tenant ID
To get the tenant ID of your SAP Analytics Cloud system, you can go in the Main Menu > System > About > System Name (Figure 2).


Result: FB6D9

Story ID
To get the Story ID, you can open your story and retrieve it directly from your URL (Figure 3).


Result: 443ABAF17CD00F1DC5193DA2BB3955B3

Model ID
To get the model ID, you can open your model used for your story and retrieve it directly from your URL (Figure 4).


Result: C5L89I598UWNTH78IEB3GM2RY8

Variable Name
You can identify the variable to apply the parameter to and retrieve the technical name of the prompt set in your SAC model or your BW query (Figure 5).



You can identify the value to use for the variable and filter your story on the customer needed for example.

Example Customer ID: 1008677



Camélia Rabyi

Analytics Consultant