SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is now SAP Datasphere!

SAP has introduced SAP Datasphere as the successor to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, with a range of new capabilities to improve data discovery, modeling, and distribution. One of the most significant additions is the centralized data catalog, which serves as a repository of all data and metadata, including lineage and governance, ensuring data accuracy, completeness, and up-to-date information. Advanced data flow capabilities enable organizations to generate pipelines at an enterprise scale automatically. The business semantic layer has been enriched with sophisticated modeling features, empowering both business and IT users and providing instant access to application data through pre-built integrations to federate or replicate data using change data capture.

Existing SAP Data Warehouse Cloud customers can access the new features in their product environment without needing to migrate. SAP Datasphere’s new capabilities enhance collaboration across the enterprise, connecting data with easy federation or replication to a business semantic layer, which enables self-service modeling for business users without requiring deep technical knowledge of the underlying application data structures.

Data access & use cases

SAP Datasphere enhances the business semantic layer to provide advanced multi-dimensional capabilities, including complex aggregations, time dependencies, data preview, business hierarchies, and business KPIs, among others. Analytic models harmonize data from different sources and enable faster insights and decisions, making them the foundation for data consumption in SAP Analytics Cloud or other third-party tools.

Data Ingestion

SAP Datasphere features a new data ingestion capability that replicates data and generates large numbers of pipelines automatically without requiring manual build or configuration. With the new replication task, users can identify the source system from where data needs to be replicated, select objects in the source systems and a target location, and the system will automatically configure all the pipelines needed to handle the initial data load and ongoing delta changes without any user intervention.

Data Ecosystem

SAP is partnering with an open ecosystem of leading technology vendors, including Databricks, Collibra, Confluent, and DataRobot, to simplify, integrate, secure, and govern the data landscape. The strategic partners bring the unique strengths of their ecosystems, enabling bi-directional integration, data governance, privacy, and compliance initiatives, real-time streaming data, and powerful custom machine learning models on top of SAP Datasphere. Together, SAP and its partners seek to establish the business data fabric as a new industry standard for an interoperable data strategy.