SAP embedded analytics

SAP embedded analytics is powerful reporting service offering advanced reporting directly in the SAP system. With SAP Embedded Analytics, your business can access real-time data and generate interactive reports directly within the SAP environment.

We start an embedded analytics project by activating and leveraging the existing business content available within your SAP system. By activating this content we can accelerate the deployment process and provide the business users with the necessary insights.

Since every organization has its unique requirements we do offer to tailor the reports in close collaboration with your expert teams to match the specific business processes and requirements.


Advantages of Embedded Analytics

  • Real time reporting : Embedded analytics provide real-time information within the SAP system eliminating the need to transfer data to an external data warehouse. This allows business users to quickly respond to changing business conditions and gain a clear view of their daily operations.
  • Business content : SAP offers an extensive library of ready-to-use reports, providing businesses with an initial view of the embedded analytics’ potential without incurring significant costs. This allows organizations to explore the benefits of embedded analytics while efficiently managing their budget.
  • Flexibility: Embedded analytics provides quite some self-service capabilities, empowering business users to modify reports independently. With the assistance of IT professionals, the underlying data source can be modified, allowing for even more extensive changes and customization possibilities within the embedded analytics solution.
  • Integration : The Embedded analytics solution seamlessly integrates into your existing reporting landscape. While the primary focus of embedded analytics is on operational reporting, the underlying data sources can be transferred to your data warehouse solution, enabling management and corporate reporting. This integration offers a clear reporting ecosystem that caters to both operational and strategic decision-making needs of the organization

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