Scheduling in SAP Analytics Cloud

Scheduling in SAP Analytics Cloud

Many customers have asked for it, and finally, it is available in SAP Analytics Cloud: scheduling stories and dashboards and deliver it to a wide variety of destinations.

The scheduling capabilities are available since release 2020.03 only for SAP Analytics Cloud Tenants based on the AWS data center.
Here we give a brief overview of the SAP Analytics Cloud scheduling features, as was planned in Q1 2020.
In the below-presented SAP roadmap (January 2020), the planned scheduling capabilities and roadmap are highlighted.


More can be expected in Q2 and the near future:

  • scheduling in SAP Analytics Cloud for acquired, as well as live data sources,
  • personalization,
  • prompt support,
  • support for events,
  • rule-based delivery

Scheduling in SAP Analytics Cloud

Scheduling in SAP Analytics Cloud is activated through the share button of each story and then choose the “Schedule Publication…” option. Just browse for the dashboard and click the share icon. There is no need to open or edit the dashboard.


The “Schedule Publication” pops up where you can enter:

  • Name*
  • Recurring pattern
  • E-mail subject*
  • Distribution:
    • SAP Analytics Cloud recipients
    • Non- SAP Analytics Cloud recipients
    • Name of the view
    • PDF settings

is mandatory

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The Recurrence Pattern is currently limited to hourly, daily and weekly.


the monthly option is planned in a future release (after Q2/2020)

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Enter the start and end recurrency and also the number of repetitions ,

e.g.: the last picture shows a weekly schedule, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 8 times (8 weeks) instead of setting an end date.


These are the current scheduling options, only PDF export format is supported for now.:



You can add as a recipient both a SAC user as well as a non-SAC user as a recipient (via email adres):

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Current schedules can reviewed in the calendar and check the schedule status.



Currently, there is no option yet to modify the schedules. You might need to delete them and recreate the schedule.


In the Calendar you can find the status of the schedule:

  • Inactive: pending
  • In progress: running
  • Canceled: failed
  • Successful: success

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If you plan two schedules at the same time this can happen:


In case the job was successful, the SAC and the non – SAC recipients receive an email with the PDF attached and a link to open the story via SAC.


Remark: Indeed, also the non – SAC recipients receive a link that allows them to open the story in SAC.

You could compare to a kind of “SAC-Viewer”.

In case of scheduling to non-SAC users; at least one SAC user has to be included in the list of recipients.

Blog by Jan De Vilder