Analytical Rookie goes for business developer

Analytical Rookie goes for business developer

May 2019, I started my job as a business developer at Cubis. Twenty four years old, with no experience in either IT or SAP. My previous work experience was neither related to IT nor sales. So you could imagine how anxious I was for starting this new position.

Like every uncharted territory, it comes with ups-and-downs. My biggest concern was if I would be able to develop business without the appropriate amount of knowledge. This got me triggered to deep dive into SAP. With the help of some colleagues and online demo videos, I have officially set my first footsteps into the SAP world.


Step by step I became more confident with SAP and my cold calls till suddenly… BANG. My first appointment with a prospect was a fact. An indescribable feeling of happiness rushed through me. After getting numerous “no’s” for an answer, you really take the positive outcomes for granted. This gave me more confidence with my daily task as a business developer.  

“My first appointment was a fact.

An indescribable feeling of happiness rushed through me”

During my first appointment I simply introduced myself and let the managing partners takeover. I took notes and observed. After a couple of meetings, I have asked to let me do the company introduction. Due to the extra confidence , it allowed me to ask several questions and be more involved during meetings. Nonetheless I felt relatively safe because beside me, I had a very competent colleague to support me. Overall the pace of my progression was just perfect!

Cubis really lives up to their core values and one of them is our people first. After two months working at Cubis, Wim and Jeroen came to me and asked me what I would like to do besides sales. I have told them that I am interested in Marketing. Without even having the slightest idea of setting something up, they still trust me with this responsibility. Such chances given to a young driven employee feels amazing.  I am excited what the future will bring and I think the best is yet to come.

Blog by Maarten Miseur