Company Padel

During these challenging times, it is not easy to organize activities in which the whole company can participate and build that team spirit. . So recently the colleagues of Cubis & Lytix came together for the racquet sport, Padel. The sport is played in doubles and it combines elements of squash, tennis, and badminton.

We booked an evening session, so after a day of hard work at “the home office”, all of us could blow off some steam. In order to maintain social distance at all times, we split up the groups according to level.
We had a starter group and an advanced group because some people had more experience in the field. Padel is ideal for people who never played the sport before, it only takes a few moments before you know how to play the game and start having fun. We swapped teams with a substitute after some intensive sets and at the end of the session, I think I can say that we were all winners.

After our session, we closed the evening with some well-deserved drinks. It was nice to see each other again and catch up. Many thanks to everyone for the fun and sportsmanship on the field!!

Until next time!


Blog by Youri Van Heester