Corporate Social Resonsibility

Corporate Social Resonsibility is of key importance to Cubis.

We believe in bringing added-value to the community, and we consider that one of the best ways to do this is with the expertise and motivation of our own people.

Based on the positive results of previous projects of skills based volunteering of Engage4, we therefor again gave time to some of our employees to support a social organization during working hours.


Working hands-on together with the employees of the non-profit on an urgent challenge in their daily organization, was again a great experience.

Challenging, inspirational, impactful and just fun to do!

Skills-based volunteering is a key strategy that Cubis use to deepen their engagement with communities while building the skills and talents of their employees.
Engage4 designs and implements challenging employee volunteer programs for us.
The short term projects have a strong focus on exchange of expertise and experience-based learning. They start from a specific need for collaboration from the non-profit organisation, where they lack the knowledge, expertise or time to improve their process or solve their need.

Experts of Cubis worked together, during business hours, with Centrum Ganspoel vzw, an organisation supporting children and adults with a visual disability. With the combined expertise of both the Cubis professionals and people of Centrum Ganspoel, this project-team came up with a solution that could really help the employees of Centrum Ganspoel in their daily activity. They further developed a solution for digitalization of the identification of medications.

For all participants this was a positive and highly rewarding experience. Employees support social organisations, helping them to achieve their ambitions, and having a real impact!

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