Cubis at the 2018 Allround Flandrien Cup

Cubis at the 2018 Allround Flandrien Cup

Besides analytics, we at Cubis are passionate about sports, so we were asked to participate in this width=year’s Allroud Flandrien Cup at Zolder’s racing track.
Since it was such a pleasant experience last year, we were very eager to defend the Cubis colors again this year.
Cubis was present with 2 teams of 5 cyclists each (wich is about one third of all employees).

Just like last year, we started this wonderful day of team building with a nice breakfast at Zolder’s racing track. Once we gained all the energy we needed, we left for a cycling tour of approximately 80km in the beautiful region around Herk-de-Stad, Kortenaken, Halen and Lummen.

During this tour, we had to conquer three segments on which we could score points. The faster we were, the less points we gained. In the end, the team with the fewest points would win. Basically, all three segments were climbs with a length of approximately 1km. We tried more than last year to focus on these segments, and eventually get a better result in the end. Some of us even became KOM for some segments on Strava for a moment
The tour ended with a 1km team sprint on the racing track back in Zolder, covering the “Lucien Bianchibocht”, the “Kanaalbocht”, the “Sterrenwachtbocht” and the “Earstebocht”.

Once we crossed the finish line, a powerful lunch with lots of pasta was waiting for us.
A lunch we really needed, because the hardest challenge of the day was still awaiting us: the team time trial on the racing track. We had to work together as a real team to maintain our speed and cover the distance as efficient as possible. A few weeks ago we spent an evening exploring the track to practice already. After 3 laps of 4km each we finished completely exhausted, but with a great feeling because we gave it all we had.

Overall, we finished in third place. It’s not the first place, but knowing last year we ended 27th, we made some great progress. Now let’s do what we do best, analyse our and our competitor’s cycling data and use the outcome to make sure we finish first next year!

Big thanks to the organization for this wonderful event, and see you next year, maybe with 3 Cubis teams?!