Cubis’ Company Culture Revealed

Cubis’ Company Culture Revealed

When you are looking for a job you often see the stereotypical company culture phrases: “We make you smile on Monday morning”, “Excel Together”, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast, that’s why we have the greatest culture.” Often however the company culture gets lost as soon as the hiring procedure is over. Working together often changes to work alone or “stay busy”.

At Cubis however “company culture” is not a recruiting pitch that easily gets discarded after the on-boarding process. The culture permeates the entire company, you can find it in every interaction with the customer, every interaction with your colleagues, …

I realize however that for someone who hasn’t experienced our culture yet it will sound exactly the same as all the recruiting pitches that other companies use, therefore allow me to give some real life examples of the culture I am talking about.

My first big project at Cubis was a remote BW4/HANA conversion with two colleagues Mickaël and Geert. Geert is a senior who we easily call a guru to everything SAP related, Mickaël was a fresh starter with 2 months of Cubis training as experience. The flow of the project went excellent as there were no hierarchy or knowledge sharing issues.

We worked with a bottom-up issue resolving strategy. This solution strategy was implemented organically due to the easy communication between each team member. Mickaël and I often bounced ideas of each other or tackled issues together. When we were unable to find a solution Geert would always step in. For those of you who have already worked in projects it can easily stop there, however with each solution Geert would sit down with us and go over it in detail so that each member of the team thoroughly understood every development. This made it a perfect learning experience.


There are however also smaller examples of how the company culture has seeped through to every interaction. Before being presented for a new project with the customer we are always asked if this would be a project we would like to work on. Furthermore there are frequent evaluations to see if there are any ways to improve your work experience at the customer.

If I would have to make a company culture phrase to motivate people to join the company it would be rather easy to make: “Live it, to believe it”. At Cubis company culture isn’t a recruitment process, it’s what makes us different.

Blog by Bart Dieusaert