Interview Bert Baeckelmans

Interview Bert Baeckelmans

How would you position the typical Cubis atmosphere?

The atmosphere is without any doubt, amazing! While being a student I enjoyed already 2 internships at Cubis. from the very first moment, I knew this is the company I want to work for. And last year I signed my contract.

My first impression of Cubis: it is a company with a broad knowledge in data & analytics and where collegiality is of paramount importance, At Cubis, you’re not a number, but a member of a superb team. And so it proves. At Cubis, I feel we are not only colleagues, but much more than that, we are a huge group of friends.

Every month several activities are organized. Such as knowledge sharing sessions and interesting webinars but besides that also activities not directly related to work such as go-karting, playing padel, etc. This way we get to see all our colleagues and catch up with them which was sometimes hard during these Covid times.

Also, Cubis really engages in its employees’ own future. If you have certain interests in technologies, Cubis will do everything to get you specialized in this topic. To give an example, my personal interest lies in process improvement through process mining. Cubis and Lytix both helped me in developing myself in this topic by giving me the chance to work on internal process mining projects, by giving webinars, and even presenting on a data & analytics BeNeLux event.

In short, at Cubis, you are assured that you enter a company where knowledge, fun, and collegiality are key.

What does an ideal project look like for you?

An ideal project for me is a project from a to z where we can work as a team with different sets of skills. I also prefer a project with a certain amount of complexity, so we have to use our creativity and technical expertise to solve these complex challenges.

Something that really makes my day and thrives me is when a delivered project really makes a significant impact on the business in a positive way.

What are your specialties?

At my current project, I have the chance to be working on an A to Z project. Starting with some functional analysis to development; mainly from SAP BW and HANA to SAP Analytics Cloud. As being a starter, I’m very happy with this project as this covers already quite some SAP data analytics technologies.

Besides getting specialized in SAP BW, HANA and Analytics Cloud I’m also specializing in process mining. This is a super interesting topic that is gaining more and more traction and popularity within businesses to boost process improvement projects. Towards the future, I also hope more and more process mining projects will pop up where we can jump on together with Cubis and Lytix.

What’s on top of your bucket list?


My bucket list is endless, but as a motorsport fan on top of my bucket list is to hit the apex flat out on the incredible fall and rise of eau rouge and raidillon at Spa with an Aston Martin Vantage V8 GT3. Quite specific indeed, but I know what I want.


To become a data analytics and process mining guru. To help businesses with understanding their processes based on data and help them tackling process improvement challenges. To go all the way up my bucket list is to work as a strategist for an F1 racing team.

What is an ideal day off for you?

An ideal day off for me is getting up early, packing all my stuff, and go on a fishing trip on the Belgian canals with friends to catch some carp. Carp fishing can be a roller coaster, never is it indifferent! If you fail it’s bad, if you fail badly it’s a disaster. If you succeed the adrenaline and excitement are great, and what’s more, is that it creates a memory that will last a lifetime. In between the massive highs and lows are stories of friendship, laughter, pain, and joy. Did I convince you to go on a carp fishing trip?

What is your favorite holiday destination?

I don’t really have a favorite holiday destination. In general, I would like to backpack through Scandinavia. Enjoying nature at its best, sleeping wherever you can. Eat what you can catch. On the other hand, I also like to go on holiday to international dance festivals.