Knowledge sharing done right

Knowledge sharing done right

Colleagues spend more than 200 days per year and around 8 hours per day together. They can easily ask questions and have meetings to discuss topics or problems they are dealing with at any moment. They learn from each other all the time.

At Cubis – or any other consulting firm – however, everyone is working for different clients, at different locations and probably with different technologies. This makes it somewhat more difficult to plan meetings, ask questions and discuss various topics with their colleagues. The fact that the consultants are not working in the same place, also results in the company’s extensive variety of skills, knowledge and good practices being scattered completely.

A consultant’s value can be determined by his or her skillset, knowledge and experience regarding the field of expertise in which he or she is active. Thus, it’s not hard to understand that by broadening his or her skillset and knowledge, the consultant’s employability will grow and so will his or her value.

 width=So, how do we at Cubis collect every single piece of knowledge that is available amongst the colleagues and increase the consultants’ values? That’s simple, by having the knowledge being shared within the company.

When I started working for Cubis, one of the things that became clear to me rather fast is that the sharing of knowledge and staying up-to-date with analytics and BI is one of the company’s key values. That’s why we meet at least once a month for an evening session at our office in Boortmeerbeek.

Such sessions are a great way to stay in touch with your colleagues and have pizza, but the main purpose is sharing, learning about, and discovering everything that is available within the company. The topics can range from being rather technical – about SAP Analytics related technologies like HANA, Analytics Cloud or Design Studio, or even non-SAP related things like blockchain – to less technical, like projects for certain clients. If anyone has a – in some way related to Cubis’ core business – topic that might be interesting for other colleagues, it can be presented and discussed in an evening session.

These sessions aren’t mandatory to attend, so everyone decides for themselves whether the topic of a session is worth to learn more about or not. For your own personal growth and to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your domain of expertise however, it is extremely important to never stop learning. The world changes continuously, with the world of analytics certainly not being an exception. To achieve this, self education is key and sharing knowledge with your colleagues should be a huge part of the learning process.

Because we don’t want to keep everything to ourselves, we also started organizing Meetup sessions this year, which are open to everyone who is interested in Analytics.
Join our Meetup group and stay informed about our upcoming gatherings.

If you are thinking about becoming a part of a great knowledge sharing culture by joining Cubis, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Joachim Dewaelheyns
Analytics & Business Intelligence Consultant at Cubis