My first months at Cubis: Onboarding during the COVID-19 pandemic

My first months at Cubis: Onboarding during the Covid-19 pandemic

Six months ago, I started working for Cubis. I started on the second of March and was very excited to dive into my career as a BI consultant. I knew that the first couple of months would be challenging as I had little practical BI-knowledge. Luckily, Cubis always organizes a ‘Cubis Academy’ for their new employees in which they teach you how to work with various SAP and Microsoft tools.

In the first two weeks, I received a hands-on training about dimensional modeling techniques and data warehousing tools such as SAP BW and BW/4HANA. I also learned to build reports and dashboards in Power BI, SAP Web Intelligence, and SAP Analytics Cloud.

After these first two weeks, the Covid-19 outbreak started and the lockdown was announced. As for many companies, the lockdown was a challenging period because they had to rethink the way that they operate.  In practice, this meant that the rest of the onboarding period could no longer take place at the office.

From a starter’s perspective, this was not ideal but I found that Cubis was able to adapt well to the remote working situation. They went out of their way to facilitate the onboarding as much as possible. The rest of the trainings were done via Teams and we could always contact our colleagues if we had any questions.

After the onboarding period, they made the best out of a bad situation and kept the learning experience going by enrolling us into   and stimulating us to get SAP certifications online.

After a couple of months, I started working on my first project despite the less-than-ideal starting conditions. All these efforts and the ongoing support proves to me that Cubis is above the cut.

Blog by Simon Schelstraete