Robin’s first year @ Cubis

Robin Vangestel has been working at Cubis for a year since June. He is very happy to tell you how he experienced last year. How it all started, his current project, the knowledge sessions, the fun teambuilding moments, … . I guess time flies when you’re having fun? 

Read all about Robin’s experiences below.

How it all started in 2021

Since June 2021, I’m a proud member of the Cubis team. It all started by having some fun and interesting conversations with Jeroen and Wim. During these conversations, I knew I wanted to work at Cubis! A company with a group of experts in several domains, a nice company culture and the possibility to grow in technologies you like the most.

On June 7th, it all started! In the morning I went to our HQ in Boortmeerbeek to meet some colleagues and to get officially started. After receiving a warm welcome, my laptop and a tour inside our beautiful office, I could immediately discover the Cubis tech-landscape.

The upcoming weeks we (a group of 4 new team members) received a lot of trainings in PowerBI, BW/4HANA, SAC and many more, given by some colleagues of Cubis and Lytix. A big shoutout to all of our colleagues for the knowledge sharing!

How it’s going now

On the 1st of July, I started working at a new customer, Acerta. I joined the integration team as an Informatica Powercenter developer. It’s a very interesting environment to work in, with a wide variety of technologies in use. Even today, I’m still happy with the work I’m doing.

At Cubis/Lytix/Aivix we have a lot of moments together with the team:

The knowledge sessions

On a frequent basis you get the possibility to join evening sessions where we will dive deeper into some interesting topics: project overviews of our colleagues, presenting new technologies/features and so on…


Why so serious? Let’s have some fun! In October we enjoyed our teambuilding @Waterloo. Starting with some chats during breakfast, followed by a morning activity where we had to choose between an escape room, a bike ride through the forest or an orientation walk. After lunch we transformed into secret agents that needed to complete several adventurous missions. Ending the day with a nice piece of meat & some drinks.


May ‘22, Morocco it is! We enjoyed a well-organized trip to Marrakech! Discovering the city, cruising the Atlas Mountains, enjoying diner in a Bedouin camp, relaxing at the pool.. These are a few activities we did over there! Another shoutout to Cubis for making this happen!


Family Day

The fun isn’t over yet.. In September I have shown my family the company I work for. A family day @Planckendael filled with good vibes, delicious food and beautiful animals. It was an excellent way to relax and have some time with family and colleagues.

If you’re reading this blog, and you think you will match inside our company, don’t hesitate and get in touch!

See you?


Robin Vangestel

Analytics consultant at Cubis