The power of team activities!

Hi there!

When was the last time you did something with your colleagues after working hours? Was it not so long ago? Great!

Can’t remember a moment? Ask your boss if he or she wants to organize a teambuilding, or maybe organize something yourself!

At Cubis I’ve learned that colleagues are not only your best source of knowledge and information but also friends who like to do loads of cool stuff.



Incentive trip to Ibiza

As a consultant you won’t see your colleagues often unless you’re working at the same customer. That’s also a reason why I try to go to as many company meetups as possible.

We are lucky with bosses who know the value of meetups and teambuilding activities. It’s at these moments that you get to (re)connect with your colleagues, share stories, have a laugh.

When we went to Ibiza last year (because of our reached targets), I had the perfect opportunity to get to know everyone. Ibiza on its own is great, but it’s the company you’re in when staying there that makes it an unforgettable weekend.

From the visit of the old town, to the poolside, to the cycling, to the midnight snacks and beers in the 24/7 bar at the hotel. All these small moments strengthened our relationship.
*Also, I can assure you that dancing in Amnesia with someone who could be your father creates a good bond! *



All kinds of team activities

And while I know that Ibiza is an extreme example, we also had teambuilding activities in the past where we went wakeboarding, or where we went sky-gliding for example.

But the thing what surprises me the most are all activities outside all these company teambuilding activities. We post all sorts of activities on our internal yammer page, and everyone who likes to join is more than welcome.

Last year we had a wall climbing session, we had a duathlon, a light festival, a cycling event, a city trip to Lisbon and many more.

We already had some plans for 2020, there would be a short ski, there was another duathlon planned and a Cubis anniversary party. Unfortunately, they could not continue due to COVID-19.
In any case, we have planned fun activities again next year!


I hope my article inspired you to do something fun with your colleagues.

Until the next article!

Blog by Mattia Andronico