Welcome Dante Verdoliva!

Welcome Dante Verdoliva

We are happy to welcome Dante Verdoliva! Best of luck to you

Learn more about him trough the question below!

Why did Dante choose Cubis?

Because it is my first job, I was really on the lookout for a challenging yet welcoming workspace. After I had some conversations with employees from Cubis, I was determined this would be a good fit for me. A youthful ever-growing company who gives their employees the chance to expand their knowledge even further via their academy. I soon realized that the job description of a consultant would fit me perfectly and would give me the chance to learn from many different projects. As someone who is eager to learn there was not much doubt in my decision to start working for this amazingly passionate and challenging workspace. Haven’t looked back ever since!

What did Dante do before Cubis?

Trying (struggling) to find what career suits me best. I started my education at the UA in Constructual Engineering but after a disappointing internship I realized this was not for me. I decided I wanted to make a career in something I’m actually very good at. I’ve always been a numbers kind of guy and after some research and a deep dive into the world of data, I was immediately fascinated. Therefore I decided to enroll for a course as Data Scientist to pursue this passion for data and I’m very glad I did.

How does your perfect holiday look like?

I would very much like to see other parts of the world and cultures that differ extremely from my own. But my perfect holiday, I got to say , has to be Italy. Maybe owning a farm or just practicing some agriculture somewhere in Tuscany. The peace, quietness and above all the scenery of North-Italy makes this the perfect holiday for me.