Welcome Elien Van den Spiegel

Welcome Elien Van den Spiegel

Best of luck to you! More info about Elien can be found below!

Why did Elien choose Cubis?

At her first conversation with Cubis, Elien wasn’t very triggered because she didn’t know anything about SAP or IT in general. But after some thinking, she realized that this could be a very interesting challenge. The goal of a marketeer is to find the best way to bring a company of any kind to the top and that’s a dare she would love to take @ Cubis.

What did Elien do before Cubis?

For 5 years Elien was a marketing manager in a company that renovates bathrooms and sells tiles. An experience that learned her a lot and made her the person she is today.

What is Elien’s guilty pleasure?

GUILTY PLEASURES! Elien loves guilty pleasures. She has so many.. She had to think about which one is not too embarrassing to tell. She went with Disney. She loves to sing Disney songs and watch movies from when she was a little kid. Movies like Hercules, Mulan, the Lion King.