Welcome Jordy Begois

Welcome Jordy Begois

Best of luck to you! More info about Jordy can be found below!

Why did Jordy choose Cubis?

Cubis has an experienced team in SAP consulting.
The Cubis team is a very close group.  Jordy experienced this when he was allowed to go and play padel with them.
Jordy is really looking forward to joining the Cubis team!

What did Jordy do before Cubis?

Jordy graduated last year in information management & cybersecurity in the data management traject. After his studies, he immediately started working as a CPM consultant. Here he gained experience in creating data models in IBM and Board. Next to that Jordy also created a budgeting application in IBM Workspace.

What are Jordy’s favorite things to do during the weekends?

Practicing sports are his absolute number one thing to do, however not just on the weekends.
‍♀️ and are his favorite sports. Furthermore, he likes to make time for his friends on the weekends and hang out.