Welcome Kenneth Dekkers

Welcome Kenneth Dekkers

Why did Kenneth choose for Cubis?

He met the company for the first time at an evening talk at school. Mattia Andronico, an employee of Cubis and an alumnus of his school came to talk about the work environment at Cubis. At that moment, he was already impressed by the flexibility the company offers to its employees and their personal approach.

During his last months before graduating, he has had contact with a lot of companies. The most important things for him were the tools and programs the company uses, the feeling he had after the interviews and the pre-education of new starters. After the first interview with Wim, he already had a really good feeling. He felt a lot of ambition and enthusiasm. This only got better after the 2nd and the 3rd interview. He felt that this was a perfect company for him, where he could begin as a starter, work a lot on his self- growth and where he’s not just a number.

What did Kenneth do before Cubis?

He graduated at his 30’s, in June 2021, at Thomas More Geel in the program Applied Computer Science, with specialisation on Artificial Intelligence.

Before he made the decision to go back to school, he worked as a sommelier (wine waiter) in a restaurant. He graduated in 2011 at Hotelschool “Ter Duinen” in Koksijde. Since he was 16, he had a very large passion for wine. During the period he worked as a sommelier, he has learned to communicate with customers, advise them and work in a team. These skills are going to be very useful during his job at Cubis.

The reason why he went back to school was because he had a lot of energy and ambition and he wanted to further grow in his professional career. This in combination with a large interest in technology made him succeed this story.

If you could change for a day with anyone you want, who would it be and why?

Personally he never wishes to change himself with somebody else, because he is a firm believer that the best is always to be yourself. Professionally, it would be interesting to exchange a day with a successful business person. He’s thinking about persons like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. He knows it’s a cliché. But since skills like planning and organising are an area of improvement for him, he thinks he can learn a lot from them. Also in the area of how to lead a team and a company or where these individuals get the energy to bring the best out of themselves every day, he would like to learn.