Welcome Pieter Mertens!

Meet Pieter Mertens, our newest addition to the Cubis team! Pieter’s journey into the world of data and AI began during his studies, and after an inspiring internship, he sought a career in the sector. Cubis impressed him right from the start, and he quickly accepted our offer. Read more about Pieter via the questions below! 👇🏻

Why did you choose Cubis?

During my studies I wanted to do something with data. I also did an internship at a company that was working a lot with data and AI. I quite liked working with data and AI so I decided to look for a job in this sector. I came across Cubis and decided to take my chances. I had a very good first impression from the first conversations so it didn’t take long for me to accept their offer.

What did you do before Cubis?

I was a student at UCLL where I finished 2 Bachelors. My first Bachelor was in finance and the second one was data minded.

What’s your favorite quote or moto that inspires you?

Live, Love, Laugh.