Welcome Quentin Braham

Welcome Quentin Braham

Best of luck to you! More info about Quentin can be found below!

Why did Quentin choose Cubis?

Quentin has known Cubis for few years, mainly through activities and posts that the company shares on LinkedIn.

When Cubis got in touch with him, Quentin instantly realized that his expectations and his market analysis were correct and that it will be a great place for him to grow up. The variety of customers as well as the diversity of apprehended technologies were also key arguments. Cubis dissociates from other consultancy companies by exclusively focusing on BI and proposing an environment where consultants may share knowledge and build new solutions in a perfect dynamic.

What did Quentin do before Cubis?

Quentin’s career started in 2006 when he became an internal employee within the ING group. He had the opportunity to work as a Java developer and, as time goes by, he discovered BI with BusinessObjects and it thrilled him more and more. After 8 years, the consultancy world appeared to me as a perfect solution to gain experience through various BI projects.

Before joining Cubis in June, a non-profit organization asked him to help them design educational media about personal finance and budgeting addressed to people in financial distress. He took 4-months off to concentrate on that project because personal finance education is definitely a passion for him, but moreover the covid situation has accelerate financial distresses for some, and his desire to help them.

How does his ideal vacation look like?

A walk around the Scottish countryside (raincoat mandatory), then dinner with friends in Edinburgh preferably with haggis.