Welcome Tim Desmet!

Welcome back to Cubis, Tim Desmet! After a period exploring the health industry and sharpening his skills as a Data Engineer, Tim returns to the Cubishood, bringing with him a lot of experience and insights into SAP BW and HANA environments. Read more about Tim below! 

Why did you choose Cubis?

I was looking for a new opportunity in the consulting world, and I knew Cubis from before. I missed the flexibility to change projects and get a new challenge every now and then. On top of that I still had good contact with Wim and Jeroen, so the decision was made quickly.

What did you do before Cubis?

I started my career as a BI consultant using mainly SAP BW as a tool and learning the first few things about HANA. The last couple of years I had an internal position as a Data engineer at a company active in the health industry. There I was responsible for the European SAP BW system and part of the upgrade team to the new HANA environment.

If you could switch with someone for one day, who would it be and why?

Andrea Stella, Team Principal of the McLaren F1 team. I would love to figure out how much data an F1 team collects and generates for racing purposes. They are able to quickly analyze this information on the spot and make changes overnight to the setup of the car. Also the preparation of a new season must generate tons and tons of data that need structure and some proper visuals. Fascinating to think that some teams are using the same SAP-technology that I am using on a daily basis!