Work vs study

Dear network,

I’d like to share another step in my career with you and to do this, I have to go back in time.

After I graduated as a professional bachelor of , I considered continuing studying for a couple more years to get another degree. But I decided not to.

During my senior year, I came into contact with a lot of different professionals and companies. Talking with them gave me a good impression on their thoughts, almost everywhere people told me that having a bachelor’s degree in our line of work was enough to get started and that I would grow on the job.



My job at Cubis

That on its own made me hesitant about continuing my studies… But I was completely convinced when I finished a successful at Accenture and came in contact with Cubis for the first time.

At Cubis I felt at home from the first meeting onward. I still have that same feeling as the day I signed my contract, and we get so many chances to grow! But the feeling that I did not even try to get another degree started bugging me. On top of that, I had the feeling I was missing some knowledge, not on a technical level, but modules like HR and Finance were completely unknown to me. So I decided to do something about it.




New challenge

Now, as you might have guessed from the title, I’ve started studying again, but not as a full-time student. A friend of mine told me about this “study leave” I could request in order to be able to follow classes and participate in exams.

I spoke to Wim & Jeroen at Cubis about this opportunity and what it would mean for me on a professional level. They saw no reason why I shouldn’t try it, and gave me the opportunity! I am very lucky with how flexible they are prepared to be, so thanks again, guys!

Master of Management

After I looked into the possibilities and went to an info moment at Hasselt University, I found something that fitted my needs perfectly. There is was,“ ”, a two-year master program that would hone all skills I felt like missing.

Because I’m only able to take up half the course program each year, I’ll finish in 4 years instead of 2 years. But if that is the cost of better personal and professional growth, I won’t even hesitate. I was accepted to the program and I passed the – . IELTS means International English Language Testing System and it is a test of English language proficiency.

During the first semester I had two hours of Statistics and two hours of Economics on Mondays, the rest of the working days I just work for my client. During the second semester, I followed two hours of Introduction to Information Systems and two hours of Literature review & Writing skills.

Following the lessons isn’t that difficult, it’s the studying after a day at the office that I sometimes find difficult. But if I have a project that’s a long way from home, I have a lot of free time to study in my hotel room.

Passed all my courses!

First year’s over. I’m proud to say that I passed all the courses! Do I regret the decision I made after I graduated? , ’ .

I’ll keep you posted, wish me good luck.

Blog by Mattia Andronico