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Welcome to the Intellus support blog! We offer expert support beyond analytical projects, helping customers with day-to-day tasks, ad-hoc requests, technical questions and small projects. With extensive knowledge of SAP, Microsoft, AWS and Databricks systems, we tackle back-end and front-end issues, ensuring customer satisfaction with top-notch solutions. Our dedicated first-line support team, Jordy and Samuel, thrive on diverse challenges. They’ll take you with them on a day of the life of the Intellus support!

Support at Intellus Group

At Intellus, we offer a wide variety of services to our customers. We are most commonly known for dedicated analytical projects where our consulting teams help build up data warehouses and reports for customers. In these types of projects, dedicated resources are allocated to a project or costumer for a period of time to perform certain tasks. However, when solutions have been delivered and come into maintenance mode, we saw that our customers also have a need for a different kind of service. In order to relieve customers from smaller day-to-day tasks or ad-hoc requests or general questions, we created a support organization. These smaller projects/tasks are, for example; adding fields in an existing flow, checking why a process chain failed, help with Power Bi issues, etc.

What does a day at support look like? 

Every morning, we have a daily ‘Teams’ meeting to start our day. During this meeting, we review the open tickets registered in our ticketing system and distribute them among the team based on their needs. We also use this time to share updates on any challenges we face and offer help to one another.

Once the meeting is over, we immediately focus on addressing the most urgent tickets, considering the priorities set by our SLAs. For tickets that can’t be solved right away, we make sure to keep them updated, so our customers know what’s going on and what steps we’re taking to resolve the issues.

Throughout the day, we might work on one ticket that requires more time or handle several smaller tasks. This unpredictability adds some excitement and variety to our work, making each day unique. We embrace these challenges, striving to provide the best service possible to our customers.


As we have multiple offerings on multiple technologies, we support a variety of systems. For Cubis customers, we support SAP Systems such as BW/4HANA, BO & SAP Analytics Cloud. For Lytix customers, this is of course the Microsoft systems such as PowerBI and Azure and for Aivix customers we support AWS and Databricks.

In order to be able to support all these technologies, we work with a two-tier support System. As the first line support team, we have a broad knowledge of all supported technologies and cover the direct communication with the customer. However, there are some issues/tickets that we cannot solve directly ourselves as the first line support team. If we can’t solve it directly ourselves, we always check with our colleagues in second line to see if they have ever encountered that problem.   

Who is behind our support team?

At our company, we operate on a two-tier support system. The first line support team comprises talented individuals, Jordy and Samuel, who play vital roles in assisting our valued customers.

The second line support team varies depending on the specific needs of each customer, ensuring that they receive tailored and specialized assistance. Both Jordy and Samuel take great pleasure in being part of the support team and have shared their experiences:

Jordy: Being a part of the support team has been an enriching experience for me. One of the most rewarding aspects is the opportunity to continually expand my knowledge. Our team deals with a wide range of assignments, exposing us to diverse challenges and tools. This exposure fuels our growth, enabling us to enhance our expertise with every interaction. Moreover, the satisfaction of helping our customers on a daily basis serves as a constant motivation. Successfully completing each ticket brings a sense of fulfillment, knowing that we’ve made a positive impact on our customers’ experiences.

Samuel: In my opinion, working at Intellus support is the most rewarding way to acquire a broad spectrum of skills. Our team encounters an array of distinct issues from our diverse clientele, and in tackling them, we not only learn how to resolve them effectively but also how to prevent similar challenges from arising in the future. This preventive approach ensures that we provide long-lasting solutions, and it empowers our customers to navigate their experiences seamlessly.


The tickets we, at Intellus support, receive vary from front-end to back-end and from minor changes to somewhat larger developments.  
In the back-end we handle issues such as process chain or ETL-flow failures.
Depending on the type of support contract we have with the customer, we wait for a ticket to arise and then investigate and solve the issue or we actively monitor the systems so that we can tackle the problem before the customer even notices it. When a process chain fails it can be due to several reasons. The most common causes are loads getting stuck or a connection loss to the source system. 
The other most common ticket we receive is for adding new fields to a query. Depending on the field the customer wants, it can be a lot of work. In SAP BW we first look if the field isn’t already available in the lower parts of the flow such as in calculation views and Advanced DataStoreObjects (aDSO’s). If the field is already there, we can add it more easily. We will also check for the field in other existing flows and check if it’s possible to add this field with the correct link between both flows. Otherwise, we will have to investigate and look for the best way to add the field into the flow. We can do this by enhancement of the already in-use datasource or create a new datasource with fields that allow for a correct linking with the existing flow.

We also receive tickets about the front-end. These are centered around issues with the different reporting tools our customers use such as SAP Analytics Cloud, Analysis For Office, Webi, Crystal Reports and PowerBI. Usually, we have to check why some values aren’t coming through in the report. Most times this has something to do with the filters in the report but sometimes we must dig deeper and go to the source to fix this. We also solve requests to create new reports. 
These are all some examples of tickets we have received so far. There are so many different tasks we perform that we haven’t mentioned yet. That’s also the good part of the support. The fact that we see so much and gain so much knowledge about all these different tools and are able to support every customer. 


We strive to help our customers to the fullest by sharing our data and analytical expertise. There’s nothing more satisfying than ending your day with a remark from the client that he is pleased with our work.

If you are interested in our support services, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Jordy Begois

data & analytics consultant @ Cubis

Samuel Liekens

data & analytics consultant @ Cubis