The tour of SAP Datasphere

Is your current data warehousing solution also limited in granting business users the flexibility of combining and merging data from all the different sources (SAP and non-SAP) in your organization?

Discover how SAP Datasphere goes beyond traditional data warehousing to help your organization in becoming an even better data driven enterprise!

What is Datasphere? 

In a previous life, Datasphere was also called ‘Data Warehouse Cloud‘. It’s your Data Warehouse in the Cloud with SAP​​​​​​.

Setting up a data warehouse that goes further than the tradition, could come with certain difficulties. With years of experience in the SAP Data Warehousing, Cubis is best placed to take your organization to the next steps of data warehousing.

We assist your SAP Datasphere implementation. By focussing on the following domains, your data warehouse will become armed for the future:

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Tour of Datasphere

Join us on a tour of the latest in Datasphere technology. Our expert team will guide you through the most advanced solutions and strategies to optimize your data storage and management. And, for the next two months, we’re diving deeper into the world of Datasphere, offering exclusive access to in-depth training and hands-on demonstrations.

BLOGPOST: From meaningless to actionable: revive your data using Data Warehouse Cloud

Welcome to the first stage of our Tour of Data Warehouse Cloud!

These days it’s rather challenging to keep up with the everchanging and always more demanding world of analytics. Whether you are looking to migrate your data and models from an old-school data warehouse to the cloud or to provide business users with the flexible and easily accessible analytics possibilities, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is your way to go.

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BLOGPOST: SAP Datasphere and its BW Bridge: a winning team

Hi there!

Welcome to the third stage of our Tour of Datasphere!

During this stage we will be tackling a very exciting feature of Datasphere – The BW Bridge.

In the Tour De France, riders climb mountains to be rewarded the polka dot jersey. In our tour, we are rewarded with a seamless BW integration in SAP Datasphere by setting up the BW Bridge. With this feature, you can easily bring your existing SAP Business Warehouse (BW) data (models) into the cloud, unlocking new opportunities for data-driven insights.

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TRAINING: Datasphere hands-on

Are you ready to take your data warehousing skills to the next level? Join us for an exciting training on SAP Datasphere, where you’ll learn all about its powerful functionalities and how to use them effectively. We’ll also delve into the crucial topics of modeling, governance and security, giving you a well-rounded understanding of how to model, protect and manage your data. But it’s not all theory – we’ll also give you the chance to get hands-on experience with the software through interactive exercises. Sign up now and elevate your data warehousing game!

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Cubis’ propositions

Architectural Roadmap

Integrating a new solution in your current environment can sometime be overwhelming. We guide you in deciding the best roadmap for integrating SAP Datasphere in your current environment, from a technical perspective but also from a business perspective, whether you are an existing BW customer or not.

Proof of Concept

A successful proof of concept can be a catalyst for further adoption of SAP Datasphere in your organization. We help you define the correct business case and implement the proof of concept.

Implementation and development

A part of the advantages of Datasphere puts the power of data and analytics in the hands of the users. Before this can be enabled, proper governance needs to be put in place and the ETL flows for al the required data sources need to put in place.

Training and business enablement

Some people within your organization might have data modeling expertise while others don’t. We make sure that these uncertainties go away by giving them the right training in line with the defined governance.

Book a 1 to 1

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