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The Tour de Data

Get ready for an afternoon packed with exciting content at Tour de Data! We’ve got user cases, roadmaps from our partners, strategy presentations, and an epic panel discussion lined up for you. But that’s not all. We’ve saved the best for last!

Join us in welcoming the legendary cyclo-crosser, Sven Nys, to the stage. He’ll share his experiences on how data has revolutionized the world of sports, and why it’s become an essential tool for athletes looking to gain a competitive edge. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this!

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Roadcaptain Sven Nys

Winners have a plan


Discover how Barco Measures their Marketing ROI with SAP Analytics Cloud

The implementation of “SalesForce (SF)” had an impact on the BI side, as Barco had to rework their back-end to integrate new datasets. In parallel, they chose to move to “SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)” as their front-end tool. Cubis created a widely-used report called “Marketing ROI” for the marketing team, which leverages SAC’s self-service BI capabilities. Barco continued to improve their SAC story, from “Marketing ROI 1.0” to “Marketing ROI 2.1”. Join us as the date day to know all about it!


Hussam Eltoum (digital marketing data analyst)
Camélia Rabyi (data & analytics consultant @ Cubis)

Answering analytical questions at Torfs, do we got the Power?

The well-known retailer Torfs has been using the Microsoft Analytical Ecosystem for quite some years now. Learn which path the different bussiness units at Torfs have followed, what problems they are currently facing and which opportunities lies ahead in the world of data.




Elisabeth Torfs (datacoach @ Schoenen Torfs)
Emma Willaert (data & analytics consultant @ Lytix)

Working towards real-time quality checks at Melexis

As Melexis designs and tests microchips, good quality checks are required. This presentation will highlight the efforts of the datacore team towards implementing real-time quality checks in chip testing. The audience will learn about the specific business case, as well as the technical challenges and decisions that were made.




Chris Schraepen (data engineer @ Melexis)
Jasper Puts (data & analytics consultant @ Aivix)

Tessenderlo’s journey towards a modern data warehouse solution

Before the implementation of BW4/HANA Tessenderlo was struggling to integrate Power BI and the current SAP BW data warehouse solution ensuring better self service capabilities for the different stakeholders.
This session will give you an overview how Tessenderlo managed to migrate the current SAP BW solution towards a state of the art BW4/HANA allowing the required integration with Power BI. Furthermore we will elaborate on how Tessenderlo positions the new warehouse solution within it’s modern data platform architecture.


Jean-Marc Devouge (teamlead BI and RTR @ Tessenderlo Group)

How SAP Analytics Cloud allowed Herta to streamline the complete financial planning cycle

Herta was looking for a solution helping them to streamline and integrate the planning procedure within their current SAP landscape.
This session will show you how Herta managed to harmonize and simplify it’s complete financial planning process with the help of SAP Analytics Cloud.
Furthermore we will go through the different steps Herta took to streamline the different planning steps and explain the role of SAP Analytics cloud within the analytics strategy.


Joachim Vanvossel (data & analytics consultant @ Cubis)

Implementing a durable AI strategy and best practices

MIVB/STIB was looking for a solution to get their different data scientist teams working in a uniformous way and tooling.
In this session you will see how we managed to get all teams on board in this way of working. A deep dive will be taken in the approach and the proposed tooling.






Rob Roemers (head of data & analytics @ STIB-MIVB)
Tom Thevelein (technical lead @ Aivix)

DÂł: Data Platform of the Future

Cartamundi’s journey from a cloud based proof of concept towards a future-proof data platform, enabling data driven decisions.



Joris Vervecken (business intelligence expert @ Cartamundi)

Cargolux’s analytics journey

Modern data platforms are essential for businesses to stay competitive and make informed decisions based on data insights. At Cargolux, one of the world’s leading cargo airlines, we have developed a state-of-the-art platform that combines SAP BW/4HANA, Azure, and SAP Analytics Cloud. Together, these three technologies form the backbone of a modern data platform at Cargolux, providing the tools and insights needed to optimize operations, reduce costs, and deliver exceptional service to customers.


Eric Thai-Van-Lanh (data & analytics consultant @ Cubis)
Christoph Hera (manager BI data & architecture @ Cargolux)


Tina Rosario

head of data innovation, chief data officer @ SAP France

Keynote: Creating a Winning Data Strategy

Tina Rosario is the head of Data Innovation and chief data officer at SAP, responsible for helping EMEA businesses drive data innovation as part of an enterprise-wide transformation initiative. With over 25 years of experience in business process reengineering, she works directly with senior business executives to design data management approaches and future-state information capabilities. Additionally, she serves as the president of the European chapter of the Women in Big Data network, promoting diversity in the field of data management.

Wesley Backelant

cloud solution architect @ Microsoft

Tim Schaeps

cloud solution architect @ Microsoft

Keynote: Data Mesh in Azure

For years and years, organizations have been operating on a model where data was put in silos and where this data was consequently never shared with other entities in the organization. And if it was ultimately shared, it took ages for it to become available to whoever needed it. What if we told you that there is a better way which comes with the name “Data Mesh”. It proposes a complete new (and fresh) approach and it changes how organizations let their data work (for them). In this session we will discuss Data Mesh (why do you need it, what does it solve, how does it work,…) and we will show you how you can (help) change your organization and evolve towards this new way of working. We will also make it practical and use the Cloud-scale Analytics framework to achieve all of the above in Azure.

Jonas Golan

regional leader, consulting & SI Partners @ Databricks

Corbin Albert

SR. solutions architect @ Databricks

Arjan Nesselaar

account executive @ Databricks

Keynote: Becoming Data Forward, the unification of data, analytics, and AI

We are heading into the Decade of Data where the unification of data, analytics, and AI is at the core to become a Data Forward Organization. Covering what and how along with examples and what it will look like.

Yohan Wadia

solutions architect @ AWS

Keynote: Transform your data approach: Develop a modern data strategy

Organizations often have different data needs, disparate data sources, or unreliable data pipelines, forming data silos and a lack of knowledge when it comes to harnessing their data gold mines. In this keynote, you will learn how to design the right modern data strategy to help eliminate data silos, modernize your data and analytics architecture, and unlock the real value of your data to create the foundation for rapid innovation. Get insights, and learn how to turn your data into a tool for innovation by achieving agility, scalability, and cost savings.

Panel discussion

During the panel discussion, professionals from diverse industries shared their insights on implementing a modern data platform, highlighting its benefits and challenges. This interactive discussion will reveal how a well-designed data platform can drive innovation and streamline operations.

Rob Roemers

head of data & analytics @ STIB-MIVB

Rosalien De Saer

Analytics Lead @ Ontex

Jan-Pieter Laleman

chief data officer @ Credendo

Christophe Posson

Group Data and Analytics Platform Manager @ Atlas Copco

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