Unveiling the Power of AI in Business: A Deep Dive into SAP’s AI Portfolio

In a world of constant change, AI is the new layer that touches all departments and processes of a company. Being aware of this, SAP announced since the beginning of 2024 the SAP Business AI that’s based on three key business requirements: Relevance, reliability, and responsibility.

AI Tools of SAP Portfolio

The portfolio of SAP AI tools is going from AI copilot, Joule, and multiple roadmaps that are released mostly on a weekly basis.

Benefits of SAP AI for Business Operations

SAP Business AI allows users to interact with SAP in the most natural way possible thanks to Joule, the SAP copilot that covers all SAP applications.

The AI of SAP is relevant in Finance departments with examples like tax compliance, invoice processing, intelligent accrual, goods, and invoice receipt matching Supply Chain tasks like:

  • visual inspection delivery note processing and stock in transit
  • Procurement actions as guided buying or predict the sourcing of an item and supply
  • HR for interview question generation and job description generation

IT will be positively impacted by the implementation of AI. SAP has now a trusted AI foundation thanks to SAP BTP and partnerships with the main actors in AI of our times.

A Good AI is a responsible AI and SAP does an important and careful job to make sure that the grounding of SAP business AI covers: Human Agency and Oversight, Addresses Bias and Discrimination. It is transparent and explainable.

Implementing SAP AI in Your Business

Business AI capabilities need to be directly embedded into applications and extensions. Designed with security, governance, and trust in mind, the AI Foundation on SAP BTP is our new one-stop shop for developers to do exactly that. It provides ready-to-use AI services, AI runtimes, lifecycle management, as well as tooling for generative AI capabilities and business-data connectivity. As part of the AI Foundation, our generative AI hub provides instant access to the most powerful large language models (LLM), such as Azure OpenAI Service and Falcon-40b. On the other side, it offers grounding capabilities based on enterprise data to ensure context – for example, by leveraging our new SAP HANA Cloud vector engine that combines LLMs with relevant organizational data.

Using SAP AI in Your Business

“Just ask” of SAP analytics Cloud

The “just ask” feature in SAP Analytics Cloud revolutionizes data access and decision-making by allowing users to query data through natural language. This feature eliminates the need for complex searches and reliance on data specialists, providing immediate insights and empowering quicker, more informed decisions. Enhanced by secure, proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) that uphold data policies and the ability to integrate with external sources via SAP Datasphere, it supports multilingual and multi-cloud environments. According to SAP businesses utilizing this tool can see up to a 25% improvement in information retrieval and a 5% increase in productivity among knowledge workers, streamlining processes and enabling a focus on strategic initiatives.

SAP Build Code is transforming the landscape of software development by integrating advanced code generation capabilities into the SAP Business Application Studio and Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model. This innovative tool allows developers to effortlessly create data models, services, and even automate application logic and unit tests through simple inputs and natural language processing. By harnessing pre-trained code generation models, SAP Build Code significantly reduces the manual effort required in coding, enabling developers to save time and boost productivity. The result is a dramatic acceleration in application development and maintenance—up to 30% faster development and a similar reduction in costs. Starting from the end of March 2024, developers will also benefit from SAP’s copilot, Joule, providing a comprehensive environment for managing the entire lifecycle of Java and JavaScript applications. This revolution in development practices not only speeds up the migration to newer ERP versions but also allows teams to shift their focus from routine coding to innovation, enhancing both job satisfaction and business value.


As we have explored, SAP’s Business AI Portfolio is redefining how AI is integrated into business processes, offering transformative solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Build Code. These innovations not only enhance decision-making but also streamline development processes, significantly boosting productivity and reducing costs. By minimizing the need for manual coding and complex data analyses, SAP enables organizations to focus more on strategic growth and innovation.

Step into the future of business intelligence with SAP’s cutting-edge AI solutions. Explore the extensive capabilities of the SAP Business AI for your organization by visiting our official SAP AI portfolio page. Keep up to date with the latest advancements and best practices by subscribing to our blog and following us on social media. Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your business operations and secure a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. For personalized consultations and deeper insights, contact our SAP experts.

David Bento

ERP Consultant @ Cubis Luxembourg