Want to work at Cubis?

At Cubis we attach great importance to the application process. We not only want to get a good idea of your competencies and personality, but we also want to measure whether you would fit well in our team as well. Therefore, we carefully plan the job interviews in different phases.

In a first round, you will meet with one of Cubis’ partners. In this first conversation, you will learn more about Cubis’ vision and how we distinguish ourselves in a unique way from other similar companies. In addition, we will have detailed conversations with the applicant in this phase. We not only look at your past experiences but also have a lot of interest in your future plans and vision. When we decide to work together, we intend to do this for the long term.

When there is mutual interest, there is a second interview. In this second conversation, you can meet with one of your future colleagues at Cubis. We think it’s important that you can meet with a Cubis employee during the job application process as well. In this way, you can experience how the atmosphere is at Cubis and you can also ask questions without any taboos. If the job applicant still has no work experience, we also dedicate time to showcase what kind of work you can expect at Cubis and the customers, using practical demos.

After that, another third meeting will follow in which we will submit a financial proposal. We will also make the necessary practical agreements so that you know in advance what you can expect. If training is needed to update your knowledge, clear agreements will be made as well so that you can start your career at Cubis in a professional manner.