Improve your business by maximising the power of your data.

Our experts will help you to transform your organisation into a data-driven company.

Companies are increasingly generating ever larger amounts of data. But gathering data isn’t enough, companies need to be data driven. This transformation involves more than simply choosing the right Business Intelligence (BI) tools, it also means changing processes and culture. Cubis’ top-notch team of data experts use SAP and Microsoft technology to help companies like yours to generate insights from your data, empowering you to gain a competitive advantage in your market.

Nothing beats expertise.
How can we help you ?

Cubis delivers outstanding business analytics solutions using SAP and Microsoft technology. We achieve this by investing in our domain expertise, the knowledge and qualifications of our team, and our alliances with SAP and Microsoft.

Plus, we never sit still. The business analytics domain is in constant transition, and so are we! We closely monitor key themes, such as the challenges of data volume, velocity, and variety, the embedding of real time analytics in operational processes, the shift to self-service BI, the mobile worker, the growth of data warehouses, and advanced analytics techniques, such as machine learning and natural language processing.

Cubis firmly believes that all consultants should have a broad knowledge that covers the entire business analytics domain in addition to a strong specialisation in their area of expertise. This is often complemented with certifications and qualifications in related SAP products. All of this helps our customers to gain more and better insights from their data so they can make better decisions and enjoy better outcomes.

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Cubis & Lytix Data Day

May 12, 2022 14:00
Cubis & Lytix Data Day On Thursday, 12-05-2022 12:00 p.m., we are hosting our yearly Data Day. With over 100 participants in the last years, this conference is one of the largest data-focused events in Belgium.…


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